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A warrant in Boone County MO is a court order authorizing law enforcement officials to carry out specified acts. The most common type of warrants is arrest, bench, and search warrants.
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Boone County Missouri Specific Resources.

Boone County Sheriff’s Department (BCSO Warrant Search)
2121 County Dr, Columbia, MO 65202
Phone: (573) 875-1111
Active Warrants

875 Crime Stoppers
Most Wanted

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Juvenile)
705 E Walnut Columbia, MO 65201
Search Portal Onsite – Yes

Columbia Police Department
600 E Walnut St, Columbia, MO 65201
Phone: (573) 874-7652

Ashland Police Department
601 E Broadway, Ashland, MO 65010
Phone: (573) 657-9062

Online Boone County Warrant Search

A public records database is an effective approach to locating warrant documents when doing a Boone County warrant search. Using a privately owned public records database, you can search for warrants by name on a national level.

Records Made Available By the Courts

Boone County court records are an excellent resource for locating outstanding warrants. You can examine the online databases of numerous courts to determine whether or not there is an outstanding arrest warrant.

Boone County Sheriff's Warrant Checks

You can contact a county sheriff to determine if an arrest warrant has been issued. They can tell you if a warrant is on file and what it is for. Remember that warrants are public documents that are accessible to anyone.

Boone County Bench Warrants

A judge issued a bench warrant requiring someone to be arrested and brought before the court. A Boone County bench warrant could be issued if someone breaks bail or probation or fails to appear for a court hearing.

Boone County Arrest Warrants List

To consider that a suspect has committed a crime, a police officer must have probable cause. If the judge finds probable cause, they will sign a Boone County arrest warrant. After that, the suspect can be arrested and taken to jail.

Warrant for Arrest of a Fugitive

Fugitive warrants are issued to individuals who have evaded justice.

Search Warrant

A search warrant in Boone County MO grants police officers the authority to search a location for evidence of criminal activity. A search warrant may be obtained if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that evidence of a crime will be discovered in the area to be investigated. The warrant must be authorized by a judge, who must also specify the grounds for the search.

Free Warrant Searches in Boone County

By contacting the police department in Boone County MO, you can have free access to police warrant records. You can call the station and inquire about the records or check their website to see if they post a list online.

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