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Public Cass County criminal records serve as valuable tools when conducting background checks of individuals. These records provide insights into a person’s history, assisting you in determining whether they are appropriate for personal or other relationships.

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Local Criminal Resources For Cass County MO

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Juvenile)
2501 W Mechanic Harrisonville, MO 64701
Web Check
Search Portal Onsite – Yes

Cass County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO)
2501 W Mechanic St #100, Harrisonville, MO 64701
Phone: (816) 380-5200
In Custody Inmates
Active Warrant Search
Custodian of Records
Sex Offender Registry

Kansas City Missouri Police Department
1125 Locust St, Kansas City, MO 64106
Phone: (816) 234-5000
Report Request
Background Checks

Cass County Court Records

The Cass County court system is often the top place to look for criminal records. Whenever someone is charged with a criminal offense, a record is produced. These records are accessible to anyone; merely go to your county courthouse and provide the name. Additionally, online services provide another convenient way to search for court records, but not all courthouses provide an online search.

Cass County Police Records

The Cass County police department is a wise option for criminal history checks. All police departments maintain arrest records, generally available to the general public. However, there are exceptions, such as when criminal activities aren’t reported, there is insufficient evidence for an arrest, or an arrest doesn’t have a conviction.

Reports Of Arrests

Searching for Cass County arrest records needs understanding that not all criminal records are publicly available. Some may be limited or completely sealed. Nonetheless, you can often obtain basic arrest details by getting in touch with the local sheriff’s office or police department where the arrest took place.

Records Of Inmates

To find inmate records for a Cass County criminal background check, consult the Department of Corrections website. Search using the inmate’s name or number.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


Criminal courts generally classify offenses into a multi-tiered system, with Cass County infractions being the least serious. These small offenses, such as littering or jaywalking, usually lead to fines without jail time. Still, refusal to pay the fine might intensify the charge to a misdemeanor.


Evaluating Cass County misdemeanor records can be essential when thinking about people. Comprehending a person’s misdemeanor history helps assess their dependability and whether they may come with risks.

Cass County Felony Records

Identifying if someone has committed a Cass County felony can be accomplished through several techniques. You can consult your county courthouse, consult the state’s Department of Justice website, or access your state’s criminal record database. These sources help in understanding the felonies committed in your area or state.

Information On Cass County Sexual Offenders

The Cass County sex offenders database is a vital tool for safety. Having details about convicted sex offenders; it empowers you to make educated decisions regarding people. Searches can be performed by name, address, or other determining details, and notifications can be set up to notify you if a new sex offender moves into your area.

Incidence Of Cass County Duis And Dwis

A Cass County DUI conviction is a significant legal mark appearing in a criminal background check if the individual was found guilty.

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