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A warrant in Columbia MO issued by a judge is the authorization for the police or other authorities to search, seize, or arrest a person. Upon showing probable cause, warrants may be issued.

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Columbia Police Department (CPD Warrant Search)
600 E Walnut St, Columbia, MO 65201
Phone: (573) 874-7652

Boone County Sheriff’s Department
2121 County Dr, Columbia, MO 65202
Phone: (573) 875-1111
Active Warrants

875 Crime Stoppers
Most Wanted

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Juvenile)
705 E Walnut Columbia, MO 65201
Search Portal Onsite – Yes

Online Columbia Warrant Search

You can do a Columbia warrant search for records by visiting or calling the courthouse or law enforcement. However, this can be time-consuming and tedious. Another choice includes using a private web-based tool that enables quick and straightforward searches of warrant data in all fifty states.

Records Made Available By the Courts

Court records can be a great tool to determine whether a person is subject to an arrest warrant. You can uncover a plethora of criminal information.

Columbia Sheriff's Warrant Checks

Get warrant information by working with the county sheriff in Columbia MO. In most circumstances, you will need the subject’s name and date of birth to search.

Columbia Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is an order issued for the police to make an arrest on behalf of the court. A Columbia bench warrant is typically administered when a person fails to appear in court.

Columbia Arrest Warrants List

A warrant of arrest is a document that allows law enforcement the authority to apprehend a criminal suspect. For a police officer to get a Columbia arrest warrant, they must first demonstrate to the court that there is reasonable cause to suspect that the suspect has committed a significant crime.
This evidence may include testimony from witnesses, video footage of the crime scene, and admissions from accomplices. Once a judge or magistrate has confirmed probable cause, they will sign an arrest warrant allowing the police officer to execute an arrest.

Warrant for Arrest of a Fugitive

Unlike other warrants in Columbia MO, fugitive warrants work outside the immediate jurisdiction.
Those who have fled to another area will have a fugitive warrant, which allows for cooperation between agencies.

Search Warrant

A search warrant allows Columbia authorities to enter a site and search for evidence of a crime.
For a warrant to be issued, police officers must demonstrate to a judge that they have reasonable cause to think a crime has been committed and that evidence of the crime’s possible presence in the area to be searched exists.

Free Warrant Searches in Columbia

Most jurisdictions allow public access to warrant documents. Anyone who requests them may receive them from the police, the courts, or the county. Not all departments have online access to warrant data. If the department in which you are interested does not have an online system, you may need to submit a written request.

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