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A search and arrest are permissible with a Greene County warrant. The justification for the warrant must be reasonable cause. This indicates that the facts and circumstances support the conclusion that the person or item sought is connected to criminal activity.
The individual suspected of committing a crime can be arrested with an arrest warrant. A search warrant enables authorities to search particular places for evidence of criminal activity.
After the prosecution submits an affidavit, judges issue arrest warrants. This signed declaration summarizes the facts, circumstances, and justifications for the assertion of probable cause.

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Greene County Missouri Specific Resources.

Greene County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO Warrant Search)
5100 W Division St, Springfield, MO 65802
Phone: (417) 868-4040
Records and Warrants Division

Greater Springfield Area Crime Stoppers
Most Wanted

Springfield Police Department
321 E Chestnut Expy, Springfield, MO 65802
Phone: (417) 864-1810
Municipal Court Active Arrest Warrants

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic)
1010 Boonville Springfield, MO 65802
Search Portal Onsite – Yes

Republic Police Department
540 Civic Blvd, Republic, MO 65738
Phone: (417) 732-3900

Online Greene County Warrant Search

Private nationwide databases can be used to locate warrant data online on top of a regional Greene County warrant search. These databases are fee-based but can save a lot of time.

Records Made Available By the Courts

One of the better tools to search for a warrant is Greene County court documents. A large number of warrants are available online as public documents.
Court records can be located by searching the public records portion of a court’s website. Basic information, such as the name or dob of the individual you’re looking up, will be necessary.

Greene County Sheriff's Warrant Checks

The Greene County law enforcement staff can inform you whether there is an active warrant. In addition, they can provide you with further information regarding the warrant, such as its purpose and date of issuance. Be sure to contact the sheriff in the county where the warrant was issued.

Greene County Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is a court order commanding law enforcement to apprehend and bring an individual before the court. A Greene County bench warrant is often administered if an individual misses court.

Greene County Arrest Warrants List

Officers can only arrest if they have the necessary documents. This document authorizes them to detain the individual, bring them to jail, and make a formal charge.

Warrant for Arrest of a Fugitive

Unlike other warrants in Greene County MO, fugitive warrants are issued for those running from justice. This indicates that the warranty holder is a fugitive subject to arrest regardless of their current location.

Search Warrant

A search warrant authorizes Greene County law enforcement to search a specific area for the presence of specified objects or information.
A judge must sign it, and the police must have reasonable cause to believe that the objects they are searching for are in the specified area.
The reality of probable cause is the belief, based on facts and circumstances, that a crime has been committed and evidence will be found.

Free Warrant Searches in Greene County

The police can provide free warrant record searches. You can contact them or check the city or county law enforcement website for a list of warrants.

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