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Many people neglect the significance of examining Independence criminal records when evaluating people. Knowing if somebody has a criminal history is essential to secure oneself from possible harm or exploitation, whether in a professional setting or personal life.
For example, understanding someone’s background is crucial if you’re working with a babysitter for your children. Even checking someone’s criminal history before a date can be a sensible step. The adage “better safe than sorry” is true in these scenarios.

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Local Criminal Resources For Independence MO

Independence Police Department (IPD)
223 N Memorial Dr, Independence, MO 64050
Phone: (816) 325-7300
Police Records

Circuit Court – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)
1315 Locust, 1st Fl Kansas City, MO 64106-2937
Web Check
Search Portal Onsite – Yes

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO)
4001 NE Lakewood Ct, Lee’s Summit, MO 64064
Phone: (816) 541-8017
Detention Center Inmate Search
Records Unit

Independence Municipal Court
111 E Maple Ave, Independence, MO 64050
Phone: (816) 325-7230
Search Violations

Independence Court Records

If you want to search for Independence criminal records, the court system is an excellent place to begin. Starting your search at the county level is generally effective, as this is most likely where criminal records are discovered. If you encounter no records in your county, broadening the search to the state or nationwide level might be needed.

Independence Police Records

Police records in Independence MO are important resources for anybody seeking insight into somebody’s past. These reports may include details like arrest history, interactions with police, and individual details such as date of birth. Although not all police records are public, you can request access through the Freedom of Information Act.

Reports Of Arrests

Arrest records are pivotal in background checks, supplying vital information to inform your decisions about people under consideration. Information about Independence arrests and their results can assist your judgment on whether someone poses a possible danger.

Records Of Inmates

Public inmate records in Independence MO can be accessed by anyone following the proper procedures. The usual path is getting in touch with the county jail holding the inmate and asking for the records department. You’ll need to supply standard details like the inmate’s name.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


Independence infraction offenses, such as parking or littering, are small offenses that may result in fines. They aren’t considered criminal offenses in the standard sense but rather violations of administrative rules or city ordinances. Sometimes, the penalty may extend to community service or other alternative sentencing.


Misdemeanors in Independence MO are often considered mid-severity criminal offenses lacking violence. However, a misdemeanor conviction enters your criminal record, and having numerous convictions may complicate things.

Independence Felony Records

Independence felonies include serious offenses like murder, rape, and theft. These criminal activities are more serious than misdemeanors and can leave an enduring effect on your life. Amongst felonies, murder is the most extreme, potentially resulting in a life sentence.

Information On Independence Sexual Offenders

If you need to find a sex offender in Independence MO, several alternatives are available, each with advantages and drawbacks. The local police are often the top place to look, as they usually maintain a list of sex offenders.

Incidence Of Independence Duis And Dwis

Independence DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, is a term for operating an automobile while impaired by alcohol or drugs. The laws and penalties differ by state; however, driving with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher is generally an offense. Convictions can result in severe consequences such as jail time, fines, or license suspension. In circumstances where intoxicated driving results in serious injury or death, a DUI may be categorized as a felony offense.

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