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Criminal records in Jefferson County MO are instrumental in taking a look at individuals’ criminal backgrounds. They reveal whether an individual has a criminal history and the nature of criminal activities, details crucial when considering people. This information can also help assess the possibility of reoffending. Sources for criminal records include police, courts, government agencies, and different online private companies.

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Local Criminal Resources For Jefferson County MO

Circuit Court – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)
300 Main St Hillsboro, MO 63050
Web Check
Search Portal Onsite – Yes

Jefferson County Sheriff Department (JCSO)
400 1st Street, Hillsboro, MO 63050
Phone: (636) 797-5000
Police Report
Records Unit
Background Checks
Sex Offender Registry

Arnold Police Department
2101 Jeffco Blvd, Arnold, MO 63010
Phone: (636) 296-3204

Jefferson County Court Records

Court records are frequently the best resource when checking someone’s Jefferson County criminal history. Depending on the court’s policies, these records might be offered online or require in-person access.
Searching court records can be a laborious job, so preparation is essential. Identify the court or courts where the case was attempted, and work with their court of clerks office.

Jefferson County Police Records

If you use Jefferson County police records for background checks, understand that while these are public documents, certain information, like juvenile or sealed records, will be restricted. Likewise, these records might include arrests without convictions, resulting in records that are not complete yet.

Reports Of Arrests

Many arrest records can be accessed online through a basic search of the Jefferson County sheriff’s office website. Sometimes, you may need to contact the local police or court clerk to obtain additional information.

Records Of Inmates

The state’s Department of Corrections website is typically the best starting point to browse Jefferson County inmate records. Each state has its separate website with a portal to prison inmate records.
You’ll need to work with the local sheriff or jail to find a jailed person.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


Traffic violations in Jefferson County MO, such as speeding or not yielding, are minor offenses normally resulting in fines instead of jail time. Non-traffic infractions like littering or trespassing follow suit, causing fines and penalties.


Even if small, a Jefferson County misdemeanor conviction might reveal insights into an individual’s character and reliability. Examining misdemeanor records helps determine individuals who might present risk.

Jefferson County Felony Records

In conducting criminal history checks, examining Jefferson County felony convictions is important. These convictions may indicate that an individual has been associated with severe criminal offenses or may position a danger to others.

Information On Jefferson County Sexual Offenders

Looking for Jefferson County sex offender status might be required for various reasons, such as individual safety or the protection of children. These records can be examined to establish if the individual has been convicted of sex crimes, assisting in making informed decisions about personal and family safety.

Incidence Of Jefferson County Duis And Dwis

A Jefferson County DUI (Driving Under the Influence) stands out from a traffic offense in that it is a crime, while a ticket is a civil matter. A DUI conviction results in a criminal record, perhaps resulting in jail time, fines, and license suspension.

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